In 2014 while attending a Texas Apartment Association Conference, I stopped by Bell Laundries booth, where I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Steve Bell. In our brief conversation I expressed my interest in remodeling the laundry room at the Gateway Apartments. Shortly after returning from the conference Mr. Bell made contact with me to follow up on our brief conversation and explained how we could work together to achieve my goal of updating our laundry room equipment. After a couple of more conversations to smooth out details of all the options that Mr. Bell offered, we initiated what has so far been, an excellent business relationship.

Our biggest concern was the timeframe it would take during the transition of removal of old equipment and installation of new equipment which also included upgrading of gas lines. Time was instrumental since we only have one laundry room and no washer and dryer connections available for our tenants at a 200 unit property. Fortunately, Mr. Bell and his crew provided excellent service by completing this task in approximately 8 hours, which met the needs of our tenants. All the machines are new and state of the art and our tenants are very pleased with the updated equipment.

Mr. Bell has always provided prompt service for repairs and for any other issue which is rare and few in between. Every year I walk by the competitors’ laundry service booths at the TAA Conference, and I get asked, “How is your service contract and how happy are you?” My response is simple, “Extremely happy!” That is how I felt when we first did the change back in 2014 and how I feel two years later to this date.


Site Manager
Phone: 830-298-2860
Email: gatewayapts.90@gmail.com



Bells Laundries has been a vendor of Blazing Star since 2010. When we decided to go to a laundry service instead of having our own machines, I was very skeptical. My first thought was several things:

1. How long will these be out of order before he comes to repair or replace?
2. What kind of old machines is he going to leave us?
3. Do I trust this service?

At Blazing Star our customers not only expect the best, but demand it. Well today it is 2016 and this has been the best we could have hoped for. We have a in house laundry service for my property, and when I have a break down, Mr. Bell will provide me with one at the cost of “FREE” for our own laundry room. When I call and say I have some machines down in our guest laundry he is quick to repair, replace, and refund the money regardless of there being anything wrong with the machine or not. I do believe the most important thing in doing business today is having honest, keep your word vendors. This relationship that Blazing Star has with Bells Laundries is not one of customer-vendor, it is one of trust and knowing that you will be treated as family. In today’s world of doing business this is what it takes to keep us as customers.


Kathy Chittenden
General Manager
Blazing Star RV Resort

San Antonio, TX



I have had the pleasure of working with Steve Bell and Bell's Laundries for 10 years. I call Steve directly and he always gets back to me right away. We hardly hear anything from residents about his machines and on the rare occasion we do he addresses it within 24 hours. Steve gets all of our new business and we try to give him any properties we take over. In our industry that can be a tricky task, but we wouldn't want anyone else to service our needs when it comes to laundry and vending. I think in my 10 years with Steve I have never seen him not smiling and cracking jokes. Steve Bell is by far the best when it comes to service. Please feel free to reach out to me if you need any other information.

Katrina. wright@itexmgt.com or (409) 853-3669.​​