We Install Energy Star Certified Maytag Commercial Equipment

Choose From Coin Operated or Debit/Credit/EBT Card Systems


If expense or resident familiarity with coin standards is a factor, Bell's Laundries can provide your property with coin operated machines. Alternatively, we also offer the convenience and security of credit/debit/EBT systems.

Manually Operated Washers and Dryers


Depending on your facility and lease option, non coin machines may be the right choice for you. 

Front Load ADA Compliant Washers


Front load washer design with lateral opening doors and eye level controls make loading and unloading from a wheelchair accessible and practical.

Large Capacity Washers and Dryers


Many residents will want to take advantage of the high capacity machines. The ability to wash and dry large comforters or a family’s entire weekly laundry in one load is highly beneficial. Charging more for this convenience will increase the site’s profits.

Double Stacked Dryers


Stackable configurations maximize use of space to meet your high volume drying needs and also meet ADA requirements.

Precisely Constructed Dryer Ventilation Systems


Bell's Laundries will inspect your current configuration to determine if any hazards need to be addressed or changes in design need to be made to ensure maximum ventilation is achieved.